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Aora’s begining

Aora's_beginingI was so excited at around 21:30 this evening. Some yummy “me” time was bubbling inside and it was time for some fun. Beginnings are so exciting. Aren’t they. The middle is a bit muddy. So this post is refreshing for me in the sense that it was so pleasing to quickly illustrate this character. To enjoy the beginning of this creative process which depicts the actual contrast of what it represents.

I’m in the midpoint of a novel I’m working on. half done and half more to go. The main character is Aora. She is a work in progress. It’s so fun to describe a character in words, when I’m so used to describing in color and form.

This girl is inspired by the looks of the beautiful Marina Nery. I sketched her in pencil first, just to get the feel of her. Color was done in Photoshop. This is a speed painting in my standards. by 23:30, 2 hours later I was happy to put my Wacom pen down and complete this “wip” version of my main character.

So This is a little sneak preview of my inner world. I love books. I love getting wrapped in a good story. I love science fiction. I love fantasy. I love dystopia. I love evolving with new ideas. I love a good journey. i’m on a journey here, venturing into a whole new realm.

There will be more work in progress art of this yet to be completed book as it comes along.

It’s gonna be fun.