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Stay curious

This is how it feels like when i’m being curious. How does it feel and look like to you?



But when I lose it, it takes me a little while to notice, because I get numb like a drunk lizard in the winter. I get easily distracted, checking messages on my phone every other minute or looking through Facebook at peoples last vacation pics. I eat without being hungry.

I get restless and compensate with an extra cup of coffee, I don’t really need. Note to self – stop drinking coffee! When that happens, my days are long and I get home after work feeling especially tired. On days I do get curious or engaged . Oh boy. That’s when I loose track of time. That’s when I forget about my troubles. That’s when I’m focused. That’s when I’m most optimistic.

Truth be told…I need to watch out because I could forget to eat or put off taking breaks. Not a good thing to totally forget yourself. Working in a creative industry I sometimes feel like I don’t have a good excuse for getting bored. So when it does happen it worries me. I feel like I lost the spark or that I’m in the wrong field. Even the most creative endeavor can get old if it’s repeated enough times.

Even the animation industry has it’s share of boring gigs. I can work on a cool project one day with cute furry creatures and the next day it would be a shampoo ad.

So that’s when it’s time to get up and shake off the dust. Draw, write, play, sing…what ever makes you feel alive.

The secret to a good mood in my book, is to keep on engaging in my most favorite thing. The things I would do for free.

Noa’s Bunny Suit

This drawing completes what i call “The forest” series: Its wonderfulDeep in the forest. It takes place in a deep dark magical forest.  My muse is Inbal, she’s my wonderful super smart and talented cousin. I made this portrait of her while she was pregnant and  completed it after she gave birth to baby Noa. So congratulations to Eric and Inbal Zentner who will no doubt be the most awesome parents. Check out Eric’s cool portfolio: www.ezduzit.ca

Bunny…a play thing? maybe. A subject of maternal make belief for the future mom? perhaps. Cuddly fur, to be converted into a fashionable  baby pajama? I never said that.

On the top left is the photo reference and after that the not so great, slightly creepy first attempt, which underwent changes and finally was made to resemble Inbal.

It’s Wonderful!

Matilda is a care free optimist and I’m not sure what she’s looking at is really all that wonderful. My sister said she reminds her of a downs syndrome girl who waits at her bus stop sometimes… I’m fine with that.

Deep In The Forest

There is  danger, Twiddly can sense it. However Shmupsi is difficult to persuade.  Höblinjers are known to lurk and pray on small rabbits, but when they’re hungry they resort to whom ever crosses their path.